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ThermoAura selected for 2017 SBA Excellence award 

Vital Vio featured on CNBC: Bright idea aims to minimize hospital-acquired infections 

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Eastern NY Angels is seeking entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining early stage funding for their company. ENYA invests in pre-revenue companies can answer the following questions; What problem are we solving?, What is our solution?, How big is the market?  Who is the target customer?  What is the go to market strategy?  What is the business model?  What is the 3 to 5 year financial projection?

Please review the criteria described in the investor process.

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Portfolio Companies

Portfolio of Companies Invested in by Eastern NY Angels

ENYA is currently soliciting proposals for potential investments.  If you meet the investment criteria and would like to submit a proposal you can do so by following the directions under the Submit a Proposal tab on the Home page.


ENYA invested in ThermoAura in August 2013.  ThermoAura has developed a unique manufacturing process to make high performing thermoelectric material using microwave technology. This approach represents the first major change in how these materials are made in over 30 years.  The new material performs 25% better at 50% of the manufacturing cost.  The company is presently building a manufacturing facility in the Capital Region. In addition to ENYA funding the company has received grants from NYSERDA and the National Science Foundation to further the development of its technology.

Vital Vio 

ENYA co-invested with SOS Ventures in September 2013 to provide early stage funding to Vital Vio.  Vital Vio has developed an LED lighting technology that can be used in the health care and food services industries to kill bacteria and other air borne pathogens.  The company is currently finalizing a prototype for market in early2014.  It is anticipated that the technology will become a commonly accepted device in medical waiting rooms, doctors offices, patent rooms, operating rooms and other locations in health care facilities where the incidence of infection is high. Vital Vio recently received notice that it would receive a grant from NYSERDA to continue its commercialization activities. 

Vital Vio featured on CNBC: Bright idea aims to minimize hospital-acquired infections

Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.

Ener-G-Rotors has designed and patented a process to capture waste heat from Smoke Stacks.  The process captures low temperature waste heat and converts it into electricity – helping customers lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.  ENYA invested in Ener-G-Rotors in November, 2011. Since ENYA made its investment the company has receive an A round investment from a NY Based Venture firm.  This has provided the funding to allow the company to install two beta units in the field with additional units to be installed in early 2014. 

Free Form Fibers        

Free Form Fibers is ENYA’s most recent investment.  FFF is located in Saratoga Springs and has created a new technology to manufacture high-performance fibers (HPF) at a substantially lower cost and environmental impact than competing processes. Their proprietary process is capable of making continuous filaments of nearly any material that has been deposited by conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Until now, many of these materials have never been commercially available in fiber form. The company is funded by angels and has received numerous SBIR and NYSERDA grants.  

Hocus Locus LLC 

HocusLocus, LLC is developing molecular tools and therapeutics using novel structurally interacting RNA (sxRNA) platform technology.  sxRNA acts like a nano-switch that can turn on protein production in specific cells, tissues, and disease states. In laymans terms this means that the company has developed a technology that allows Stem Cell researchers to request and for Hocus Locus to provide cells that has specific attributes for research.   ENYA invested in Hocus Locus LLC in January, 2013. The company expects to have its first products in the hands of researchers in 2014. Hocus Locus is presently applying for a National Science Foundation grant to further its research on this unique switching technology. 

The Paper Battery Company  

Paper Battery produces battery and super capacitor materials and components using a breakthrough architecture and design that  allows disruptive form factors and reduction in packaging of a wide range of devices and applications without reduction of functionality.  Paper Battery materials can be produced using a roll to roll production  for scalable, flexible, structural , multi-functional sheets of energy storage materials.  The company received a number of NYSERDA grants and continues to secure Angel funding to continue the development of its products.  ENYA invested in The Paper Battery Company in January, 2012.

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