For Entrepreneurs

The primary goal of the fund is to provide funding for early stage companies from throughout the Tech Valley, create jobs and generate a reasonable return on investment for its members.

The fund is focused on finding companies whose growth can be accelerated by leveraging both the invested dollars and the experience of the funds’ members via mentoring to position the company or its technology for sale or merger within three to five years of the initial investment.

All potential investments will be subjected to a detailed due diligence process that evaluates all aspects of the business, from its IP to its management team to its markets to its ability to scale. Careful selection and mentoring following the investment will increase the probability of success.

The fund is not looking for the next Microsoft (unless, of course, we found the next Microsoft!)  Rather, we are looking for companies that can be sold or acquired within a three to five year window. Those investments that show exceptional promise and who meet or exceed all milestones will continue to be funded beyond the original investments to maximize the return on investment beyond the plan goal of 2x to 3x returns.

It is the intention of the fund to commit the majority of its investable capital within the first five years of inception. This will allow time for additional investments where warranted and to exit investments before the end of the fund’s ten year life. While the management committee may request a two year extension of the fund life the goal of the fund is to liquidate its holdings at a profit within ten years.